Broken Compass

Broken Compass Brewery is doggie heaven! We saw at least six or so perfectly behaved dogs at the brewery. Love it. I love places where people can feel comfortable, places that are a second living room!

I also love that Broken Compass, located three miles or so from town, we walked there after visiting Breckenridge Brewing, has a shuttle service called The Lost Bus Free Shuttle Service. The bus runs from noon every day until about 8 PM on weekdays and later on Friday through Sunday between “Downtown” Breckenridge and the Broken Compass Brewery.  To find out more about the Lost Bus Free Shuttle Service, check out their website. Besides that, I also liked the beer a whole lot!

Broken Compass Free Shuttle
Broken Compass Free Shuttle

We tried three different IPAs between the two of us and of the three the Snow Blind Double IPA was it. It was delicious, hoppy, and had some serious hop diversity in there. Plus, Broken Compass Brewery has food trucks and let you bring your own food, too. Talk about another living room!

You can find out which beers are on tap at Broken Compass Brewery online here and learn more about the brewers, FORD, aka THE BIG BEARD who only cares about beer. BRANDON, who literally Can’t Grow A Beard, like Even If He Tried but still makes incredible beer and, JO, who has NO BEARD but Only cares!

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