Our date with Breckenridge was short-lived. We went to Breckenridge Brewery and to Broken Compass and enjoyed walking along the river path. So, why isn’t Breckenridge for us? We are afraid that in a small town like Breckenridge that we might just get bored. We like to ski (Cas more than Caitlyn) and could imagine spending our winter months on the slopes and our summer months hiking and biking.

But, we like variety (hello–we are Dating America for goodness sake!) and are afraid that Breckenridge might feel limiting in that regard. There are only 2000 people who live there, after all! That, coupled with the fact that the AVERAGE single-family home is $1 millon +, well, yeah, nope. 

For our date, we stayed at the DoubleTree in Breckenridge. They have a complimentary shuttle that takes you around town and, in the winter months, to some of the ski lifts (or you can hop on the Free Shuttle that Broken Compass offers). We found the hotel to be fairly average. The breakfast, which was included, was average. The room was average. And the hot tubs, sadly, were lit by blinding security lights that eliminated any chance of enjoying the stars of the moonlit mountains. As soon as we made it to Vail, we thought that the Breckenridge DoubleTree should take some notes from the Vail DoubleTree, especially when it comes to the pool and hot tubs. We felt like we were at a spa in Vail and didn’t have the same level of relaxation potential in Breckenridge. 

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