Breckenridge Brewing

We took a nice walk over to Breckenridge Brewing soon after our evening arrival into town. Before setting out on our Dating America adventure, we compiled a list of the top five breweries in each state. They were on the list so we were really excited to go! 

I am ruminating about a theory. Some of the older craft breweries, like Breckenridge Brewing (founded 1990), Bristol (founded in 1994), Sierra Nevada (1979), and so on, got this craft beer revolution started and then, well, settled into their positions as leader and then didn’t do much to continue to push the envelope. What do you think of my theory? 

So far, as we’ve visited some of these older breweries like Breckenridge Brewing, we have enjoyed the consistency of quality across their flagship beers. We enjoyed the predictability. But, we’ve also noticed that they seem to taste a bit generic now, as if they aren’t experimenting or bringing on younger brewers as apprentices and allowing their creativity to come through. Maybe it is because they are all starting to sell out? I hope not! 

This is my burgeoning theory. I am not willing to stake my name on this theory. Yet. But, I think I am on to something. I must go drink more beer to figure it out. In any case, Breckenridge Brewing was all that: consistent, predictable, quality. We enjoyed our meal. We enjoyed the company as we ended up talking to someone who moved to Breckenridge in the 1970’s to work construction and has stayed ever sense. We’d go back and we’d buy their beer again!

While at Breckenridge Brewing, one of the other patrons told us about his walk over to Broken Compass the day before so we decided to follow his example and take a 3 mile hike there!

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