Brass Brewery

Brass brewery is a tough one to review. We had two really, really good beers there: the IPA and DIPA and got to sample what the owner/brewer was sending to an upcoming competition (the Dogger 3.).

The owner was there with his wife (who runs the business side of things) and their kiddos. The kids, a few customers, and their dad were playing video games–helping it to feel like we were welcomed guests in his home, not just his brewery. We also had some great conversations with fellow patrons. I am not very comfortable in places where symbols of war, violence, and, yes, even the military are on display. I worry a lot about normalization of violence in the name of our country.

Brass brewery is proudly a military bar. I am happy that they have their space. It just isn’t mine. Please don’t get me wrong; I love this country. I also believe we should be supporting our military with health care, training, mental health care. I also believe we should seek alternatives to war and spend our national resources in other places.  

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