Birdsview Brewing Co

Our last stop on our Ale Trail was Birdsview Brewing Co on our last night in town. We’d come so far on our passport that certainly wanted to squeeze in our last brewery for the sense of completion, like we could leave the Skagit Valley behind. 

Birdsview is along the way to North Cascades National park, FYI, and we were told by many that it makes for an excellent stop on the way back to Seattle, Bellingham, or wherever you are going that is west of the Park. We’d concur. It was the destination for us, but it would make for a great pit stop. 

They had live music, a cozy atmosphere, tons of locals who clearly knew each other, and pretty good beer. We were not wild about the food, frankly, and especially bummed since we ordered pretty simple stuff–it should have been better, you know? 

Anyway, despite all that it had going for it, I think it will sort of fade in my memory…it had a lot going for it, but for an out-of-the-way bar, it didn’t have enough going for it.  

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