Arizona: The Valentine State

Arizona is The Valentine State. If that doesn’t make it seem like Arizona is vying for prime recognition as a candidate for Dating America, we aren’t sure what another state could possibly do.

Arizona has a stellar bookstore, Antigone Books, and  that is a selling point, but does it make up for the lack of water? Only some dates with Arizona will tell!

Arizona has some gorgeous National Parks that we are excited to see:

We are planning to try the iconic foods: Chimichangas at El Charro in Tucson and Sonoran Dogs. Where should we go to enjoy the best of the best?

As for beers? We hear that Arizona Wilderness, The Phoenix Ale Brewery, Prescott Brewing Co, Mother Road Brewing Company, and Tap & Bottle all are must-drinks. Do you agree?

You know we love weird roadside attractions but, sadly, haven’t come across any true oddities (there is The Thing, but come on.) What Arizona oddities need to be on our list?

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