Our Love Story with America

Our Love Story with America
We made it to Colorado!

Hello fellow travelers,

We are Cas + Caitlyn.

Our adventure can be summed up like this…

Love of Travel + Love of the US – Certainty About Where to Live Next = Dating America

We lived in Gallup, New Mexico for about 2.5 years and, while it is a tremendously breathtaking place with amazing cultural attractions and plenty of work for us both to do, we never quite felt at home there.

The list of the things we missed in Gallup drove our discussion about our next home. We want to live where there is water, community, farmer’s markets, book stores, and breweries. We started brainstorming. When our brainstorming ballooned to more than four or five options, we figured we should explore them all out before deciding on one. Then, our list of four or five places to scout out swelled to 150 (and counting). So we are Dating America.

Dating America on Roadtrippers

We might arrive somewhere and decide to stand her up. You know, sneak out the back and stiff her with the check. We might have a second date and, after which, decide he’s not for us. Maybe it’ll get serious enough for the place will meet our families. Maybe we will go steady for a while. And, you never know, we might just decide to settle down and have the whole white-picket-fence dream come true with the love of our lives.

We hit the road on June 2, 2019 and have no idea when our string of dates will end.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. We want to hear from you. What are some of the gems of the United States that you think we’d come to love? We’ll add any and all suggestions to our list!

Happy Trails,

Caitlyn + Cas